HPR books Country Crossroads (450x600) (2) (450x600)

AUTHOR: Herbert Ridgeway Collins


PRICE: $50.00


BINDING: Hard bound


SIZE: 11″H X 8 1/2″W X 1″D


PAGES: 312


PUBLISHER: Otter Bay Books, Baltimore, MD


COPYRIGHT: 2015 By Herbert Ridgeway Collins

Mr. Collins writes in his introduction, “This book is not intended to be a genealogy and it is not a history, it is a story of a community in Caroline County, both black and white, rich and poor, who have lived together as a caring community for more than 300 years, basically sharing the same problems, and experiencing the same joys and sorrow, and shouldering the same trials and tribulations of life from the time the community was first established to the present.” Mr. Collins has dedicated this book to his grandfather, Mr. Robert Hawes Campbell (1879-1960).