1st African American owned, operated business HPR BHM 2-2014

Visit our Port Royal Museum of American History for our presentation of numerous African-American artifacts and Black Americana (open on Saturdays, 10AM-2PM, and on other days for prearranged tours). Our Old Port Royal School (c.1924), where students of African-American heritage attended school, is one of the few remaining examples of a prior time when a singular teacher taught all grades, in one room. Listed below are some of the artifacts we have on display:

A model of “The Cosmopolitan Inn”, the first African-American owned business in Caroline County. Each inch of the model is equivalent to one foot of the original building. We thank the family of Reverend Louis Jackson for loaning this item for our community enjoyment.

An original copy of the book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”, with two commemorative plates.

Tools and furniture used by and made by African-American slaves.

OLD PORT ROYAL SCHOOL, circa. 1924, was one of the first African-American schools in our area, and is open for pre-arranged tours. Call us, now, to schedule yours. click on Events for Tour information