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About St. Peter’s Church


St. Peter’s Episcopal Church is the oldest congregation in the Town of Port Royal. Generations have come to worship at this church, along with some of the most influential townspeople in the Town’s storied history. If you go into the cemetery you’ll see the graves of some of the town’s leaders, dating from inception to the present.




The Lot of Land that St. Peter’s currently occupies, was initially owned by John Brand in 1787. The Lot was passed to his son, John Brand Jr, who was the town’s first Postmaster. The Estate of John Brand was transferred to Newton Berryman in 1800. From there, it was transferred to Thomas Newton Berryman in 1816, and then to George White, a ferry operator at Port Royal in 1822. Eventually, the Lot wound up in the hands of William Quisenberry. Upon his death in 1835, the Lot was bequeathed to the Trustees of the Protestant Episcopal Church in Port Royal. From there construction began, and the Church you see today was constructed.


–History Portion Referenced from “Hidden Village: Port Royal, Virginia 1744 – 1981” by Ralph Emmett Fall.